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1. Participated in International ICT Expo 2013, Hongkong

The HKTDC International ICT Expo is Asia's leading ICT show. This powerful platform for the smartest ideas in information and communications technology links product and service providers with buyers from around the world. A total of 590 exhibitors from 10 countries and regions took part in the 2012 event, including group representations from Australia, Canada, the Chinese mainland, India, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand and Taiwan.

2. Participated in India Warehousing Show 2013, Delhi

India Warehousing Show offers you right platform to meet heads of supply chain, logistics, warehouse managers and related professionals who are responsible for sourcing right product and technology, to make their logistics & supply chain operations seamless. The exhibition has created huge buzz within the industry and has carved a name for itself as industry’s most admired show for warehousing, logistics and supply chain industries.

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Struts2 - Advantages and Disadvantages

Struts 2 is a Framework which is an implementation of MVC-2 at server side. Struts 2 have many advantages over the standard servlet and JSP API alone. But struts 2 is complex so Struts2 have many disadvantages too.

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Selecting multiple items in the ListView

Frequently, there arises need to select items in our ListView. As the row of the ListView are getting recycled you cannot store the selection on the View level. To persist the selection in ListView we must define our own Adapter class. In this adapter class we attach a listener to the view which is responsible for selecting the model element.

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Create UIView, UILabel and UIButton programmatically

This is to start iOS developement from scratch. This step by step process will let you know to create a simple iPhone program with a label, view and a button.

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Oracle LSNRCTL Commands

The listener is a separate process that runs on the database server computer. It receives incoming client connection requests and manages the traffic of these requests to the database server. Starting up and shutting down the oracle listener is a routine task for a database administrator.

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Java NIO is alternative for standard IO API for input ouput operation. NIO allows you to manage multiple channels (network connections or files) using only a single (or few) threads, but the cost is that parsing the data might be somewhat more complicated than when reading data from a blocking stream.

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