April, 2017

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Noke Partnership
Noke and Yusata Infotech Private Limited, have partnered for the Indian territory for their BLE and IoT lock solution to be promoted in India and other countries in Middle East.
Noke is an established name under security applications with focuses on commercial security by creating hardware and software solutions that do more than just secure your company's assets. Noke has plenty of smart locks, which are designed by reputed design team. Noke allows to give someone access with the push of a button on your smartphone. Not only can we pass them access, we can revoke their access, or specify limitations such as times that they have access.
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Yusata prepared to serve Smart City Projects in India
Yusata Infotech has the expertise in designing, developing and implementing for smart city project, which includes smart transit management system, solid waste management, smart parking systems and many more. The smart city project in India is a long term project with dynamic structure to support the futuristic infrastructure needs of the citizens. YLogApp - a software platform with exceptional capability to integrate various solutions and have a wholesome offering for industries like logistics, transportation, school, distribution, , delivery services, security, etc.
India is on boom with Smart City Tenders being floated by many states; the requirement for integrated operations management, passenger information system,
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Proof of Delivery Application
We have seen a sea-change in the Logistics and Courier industry. The industry is now poised with a Solution approach rather than a Service approach. Service is the core of these industry, whereas the increasing demands of real time information sharing with client, retailer and company is growing at fast pace. The companies are looking at taking up technology advancement for meeting the expectations.
The key aspect or feature of logistics and courier company is the Proof of Delivery- alias POD. It is not only the need or confirmation of delivery but it is the requisite document for claims as well.
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Android Share images from gallery In Your App
This blog we will show how to share gallery images in your android app With this blog you able to select one or multiple images from gallery and share selected images In you existing app.
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Expand table view cell
This project shows a table view. And, if you want to expand the table view, then you will have to click on table view cell option. And, in case you want to hide the data, then click on that table view cell again. This table also shows on how cell of a table can be viewed dynamically and to show data on that table view.
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Easier ways to handle arrays
Primitive arrays in Java are not very object-oriented. You can get around this shortcoming by using a Vector, but, as I'll explain in more detail below, this is often overkill.
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Brief Overview Of LogMiner Utility
LogMiner is an Oracle utility. Using LogMiner one can query the contents of online redo log files and archived log files. It can be used as a powerful data audit tool, as well as a tool for sophisticated data analysis. The LogMiner tool can help the DBA to the find changed records in redo log files by using a set of PL/SQL procedures and functions.
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