April, 2019

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YLogApp - Van recovered in 30 mins after being reported theft
YLogApp, have been able to help our patron customer in recovering their delivery van within 30 mins of being reported theft. The driver with ill intention took away the Delivery Van of our customer; upon its information, YUSATA team helped the supervisor to know its location in real time and recovered van within 30 mins.
In the state of Rajasthan, India, our customer has a fleet of delivery vans, which are used to move material from one place to another; all these vans were fitted with Yusata's GPS devices and were tracked by supervisors on YLogApp software.
Once of their driver, with mala-fide intention to take away delivery van, moved out of parking area and this incident came to the knowledge of supervisor.
With the help of YLogApp, supervisor were able to find the location and grabbed driver in few minutes.
The location accuracy and prompt response of YLogApp, helped our client save on theft.
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Donation of Inverter With Battery to Municipal School in Paota, Jaipur - An CSR Initiative
Yusata Infotech believes in giving back to society by any way or mean, which is useful to lighten up the lives of even a single individual.
As a part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Yusata has donated several items to Akshay Patra, HELP Foundation and other organizations who are actively working towards the upliftment of society in any possible mean.
Our CEO, Mr. Mool Chand Sharma, who is actively involved in philanthropic activities within the city and even rural and outreach parts of city to help promotion of better education and living standards of the local people.
In his recent visit to Paota for a social reason, he observed that a Municipal School, is deprived of Electricity due to power cut in the village; which in turn causes challenge for school to impart effective education.
Mr. Sharma, had immediately ordered to purchase inverter with battery set for the school and installed
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Noke Padlock Official visit at Yusata Infotech office
Yusata Infotech promotes NOKE Bluetooth Padlock in the Indian, Middle East and South East territory to its clients and have been in communication with NOKE for the issues and challenges from clients.
Mr. Ramsay Henderson, from NOKE USA had visited office in Jaipur to have a discussion on the overall market development strategy with Yusata and for its clients.
In the discussion, we have identified the potential of developing software / mobile app which can work closely with NOKE CORE API and give more flexibility to the user in terms of use and managing locks effectively and efficiently.
Mr. Henderson, had a week plan in India, meeting with other vendors for the advance use of Noke in the Indian market.
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RecyclerView in Android - Kotlin
RecyclerView is used to load views to the activity when you don't know how many views we need, or have a large number of individual item views to display in one activity.
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Access Control in Swift
Access Control means giving access for desired functions and controlling that functions at some instance. Access Control restricts access to parts of your code from code
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Stream API operations in JAVA
A stream is the sequence of processed data source which supports various operations such as filter, map, reduce, find, match etc.
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How to Recover Deleted Data Using flashback
Human Error as we know, is the frequent cause of the issues and so likely, one developer can delete data too mistakenly while running a test script,
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