April, 2020

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YLogApp V2 website launched
"Change is inevitable, Will you drive that change or be driven by it?"
We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website. After a decades of hard work and dedication, we launched Ver 2.0 of our product YLogapp and now delighted to officially launch its web page.
Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to know about the products and services we are offering.
With the new features, we just showcased the entire range of Telematics solution, our integrations, implementation capabilities.
We will be constantly updating our content which will help our old as well as new visitors to grab the product or service of their use.
The Case Studies & Portfolio will highlight the projects we have completed and outline the value created for each client as a result.
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Raj. nCov19 Tracker App
The corona virus or COVID-19 is a family of viruses that can cause a range of illnesses in humans including common cold, fever and more severe forms like SARS and MERS which are life-threatening.
Amid growing pandemic of COVID-19, Yusata Infotech team took the initiative and developed Raj. nCov19 Tracker application. This application helps to track the patient details who have abroad or interstate travel history.

Raj. nCov19 Tracker app includes the below features
•   Capture patient data
•   List of testing hospital locations for COVID-19
•   Lockdown violation report
•   Self-check guide
•   Corona related important information
The most important factor in preventing the spread of the Virus locally is to empower the citizens with the right information and taking precautions as per the advisories being issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
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Android Viewpager2 with kotlin
It was 7th Feb 2019, when ViewPager2 was released by Google. It’s an updated version of ViewPager. It does the same thing as ViewPager does but in a smarter and efficient way.
The biggest change in the ViewPager2 API is that it now uses the RecyclerView.
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Localization in iOS
Localization is a process of making your apps to support multiple languages. Xcode has build-in support for localizations.
So we Use Base Internationalization - separates user-facing strings from .storyboard and .xib files.
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Java 8 Base64 Encode & Decode
Base64 is a predefined class present in java. util.Base64 package. Base 64 is an encoding scheme that converts binary data into text format. So that encoded textual data can be easily transported over the network in an uncorrupted manner and without any data loss.
It represents binary data in a 64 printable ASCII string format and each Base64 digit represents exactly 6 bits of binary data.
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Oracle DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE - To Use or Not To Use
DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE, A method to built-in package DBMS_OUTPUT that makes us to display output from PL/SQL blocks, functions, procedures and packages. It puts a line in the buffer at the time of PL/SQL block execution and as our PL/SQL block terminates, the buffer displayed on the screen.
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