News Letter August 2012

ITS for iPad

ITS Management an issue management iPad Application that offers facility of tracking employee's assessment on daily basis i.e. keeping record of employee's Check-In, Check-Out time, along with their work description on daily basis. Administrator can supervise and manage employees, projects, company and holiday records.

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Custom Calendar on iPhone, iPad(Objective C)

Our requirement includes to display a calendar when tapped on respective UITextField, by which we can view dates with its month, year and weekday. This Customized Calendar also includes the feature to switch previous/next month and previous/next year.

Though up to certain extent Calendar class can be achieved by using UIPickerView, but PickerView does not permit fast switching to previous/next month and year.

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Consuming Google Map API on iPhone

The Map Kit framework provides an interface for embedding maps directly into your iPhone/iPad App. This framework also provides support for annotating the map , adding overlays, and performing reverse-geocoding lookups to determine placemark information for a given map coordinate.

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Pan, zoom and click listeners on a map view in Andoid

Calling onPan() method for reload Google map tiles randomly, onZoom() method is used for zoom in and zoom out the Google map and onClick() method is used for performed action on a click .These three methods are used frequently in Google map.
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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is all the rage. The problem is that everyone seems to have a different definition. As a metaphor for the Internet, "the cloud" is a familiar shot, but when combined with "computing," the meaning gets bigger and fuzzier. Some analysts and vendors define cloud computing narrowly as an updated version of utility computing: basically virtual servers available over the Internet. Others go very broad, arguing anything you consume outside the firewall is "in the cloud," including conventional outsourcing.
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Oracle EBS

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) version 12 is an internet enabled product that can be managed from a single site. A company can operate a single data center with a single database, similar to other ERP products.
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Yusata Newsletter July2012 released : Yusata Newsletter was released on 6th July 2012. All the projects were explained in it with there functionality. Latest events on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes were told in the newsletter. Yusata's upcoming projects were also listed in newsletter. News was including Yusata's participation in IndiaSoft-2012 and CostaRica technology Insight-2012.

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Upcoming Projects

Y-Log : Y-Log is all about managing Drivers log automatically. Drivers just need to answer some questions like no. of hours, Start time, end time, Type of Work like Driving, Sleeping in berth etc and it will automatically generate the Driver log which will save Long haul Drivers from fine as well as for DOT compliance.

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1. Implement pan, zoom and click listeners on a map view in Andoid …

2. Custom Calendar for iOS - Useful for iOS developers who want new ways to get date from user other than UIDatePicker, …

3. cabs4me portal is launching soon. cabs4me iPhone app available on appStore. Portal will provide much more functionality.

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Implement pan, zoom and click listeners on a map view in Andoid.

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