YLogSecure Application for Woman and Senior Citizen Safety:

Women Safety and security is a burning issue of the country today. Every concerned organization is working towards a solution to help women in real time at the time of concern.

Understanding the impact of an application on this issue, we have developed a smartapp -YLogSecure.

The application triggers alert in real time and push message to Law enforcing Authorities to rush support immediately. The message contains the location link helping authority reach at the exact scene. This revolutionary application will empower women as well as authority to reduce crime against women.
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YLogApp Discussion with Delhi Schools:

Mr. Ajay Sharma is talking with Delhi Schools regrading YlogApp for student safety and pick up/ drop off. He is talking to different schools where around 15000 children in kindergarten.

YLogApp shows the students pick up and drop up notifications and keep a record of driver behavior and route. It is beneficial for parents to know each and every moment of the kids.

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Android : Get The Device Name

Bluetooth is a way to send or receive data between two different devices. Android platform includes support for the Bluetooth framework that allows a device to wirelessly exchange data with other Bluetooth devices.
In order to receive the name of found Bluetooth devices, we have to import Bluetooth Adapter. read more

iOS: Create Circular Profile Picture and Rounded Corner Image

One of the changes in iOS 7 is that it favors the use of circular image over square image. Circular icons or images are in stock apps such as Contacts and Phone. For This porposeexplore the CALayer class and apply it to create circular image or image with rounded corner. Every view in the UIKit (e.g. UIView, UIImageView) is backed by an instance of the CALayer class. read more

Covariant Return Type in java

The covariant return type specifies that the return type may vary in the same direction as the subclass.
As we know that we can't override any method by changing return type. But since Java-5, it is possible to override method by changing the return type if subclass overrides any method whose return type is Non-Primitive but it changes its return type to subclass type. read more

iOS: SWIFT New Programming Language

Along with the announcement of iOS 8 and Yosemite, Apple surprised all developers in the WWDC by launching a new programming language called Swift.Swift is advertised as a "fast, modern, safe, interactive" programming language. The language is easier to learn and comes with features to make programming more productive.
Swift is a neat language and will definitely make developing iOS apps more attractive. read more

Android: Single SignIn With Google+

With this tutorial google users sign in to own Android app with their existing Google account and get their profile information like name, email, profile pic and other details. oogle plus is a part of Google Play Services API. So first we need to download the google play services in Android SDK manager. read more

Hash Set And Hash Map Class in java

Hash Set Class:Uses hashtable to store the elements.It extends AbstractSet class and implements Set interface & Contains unique elements only. Hash Map Class: contains values based on the key. It implements the Map interface and extends AbstractMap class. It contains only unique elements. read more

Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is the abbreviation of CRM. It is a system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.Customer relationship management is most commonly used to describe a business-customer relationship. CRM systems are also used to manage business contacts, clients, contract wins and sales leads. read more

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» Yusata have another enticing step for SJ Public School, Jaipur » Yusata aimed at the efficient management of Ambulance fleet

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