February, 2018

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School Bus Transit Management Solution
School Transportation Management, service provided by schools for pick and drop of students from their location must have GPS device installed in the school bus, and it must be monitored by the school administration. Such notification has been released by Central Government for the schools to follow.
Yusata Infotech have a complete solution of GPS tracking along with Mobile App for School Admin as well as Parents.
Parents are the most conscious stakeholder of the school bus movement, and they need to know the exact location for ARRIVING at the designated stop early morning and at the same time, it is important to reach stop for picking up their children.
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Video Analytic based Automated Driving Test Track (ADTT) Solution
The permanent Driving License is an important part of one's life. The learner must pass the Standard Driving Skill tests by driving through Tracks.
Yusata has developed an Automated Driving Test Tracks solution with Video Analytics and Sensor based tracking system. This solution is 100% automated and allows the Road Transport Office / Department a full command over managing these tests without manual intervention.
The solution is now available for any country to
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Temperature Sensor integrated with Telematics Solution
We have been successful in developing an inhouse temperature sensor integrated with Telematics solution to help refrigerated trucks and transport companies monitor its temperature in real time and receive alerts in case of exception or temperature rise.
The sensor is wirelessly communicating with the GPS device and provides seamless connectivity under every situation.
The sensor is cost effective and long lasting with better connectivity with GPS. The total solution is available to be implemented
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Image Effect in Android
This blog will show how image effect functionality are used in android app. With this blog we able to learn used image effect in android app. Adding image effect to our app interface will give
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ImageView Animation
In this document we are going to show how we create Animation on UIImageView with Sprite Images. Sprite images are used in Games (eg. Like an running Image or Dancing Images).
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Directive Syntax Angular js
A directive in angular js is a library component of angular js. It will show to angular framework that it is component and associated html elements.
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Logrotate in Linux
In Linux system , /var/log is in one of the most interesting directories. According to the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard, the activity of most services running in the system
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