January, 2017

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INDIA SOFT 2017, Hyderabad - The Destination for Indian IT companies
India IT Show 2017 facilitates building competencies by providing Indian participants an in-depth understanding about technology, market development and demand dynamics which assists in strengthening their foothold globally. The 16th High Tech Edition of INDIA IT SHOW will be visited by Global IT fraternity including Latin America, Africa, CIS, ASEAN, SAARC, North America, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, etc.
A truly B2B landmark event which will delight the participants, exhibitors and delegates with its persona and character.
Yusata Infotech is participating at the INDIASOFT 2017 event as an Exhibitor promoting our break through solutions in Telematics and IoT domain. It has been trend for us, Read More

M-App for e-POD, put in action at Bangalore
Our e-POD feature of YLogApp, to be used with mobile application - YLogLite has been put to use by a Logistic company dealing in deliveries of material to corporate sector. The user have a list of clients from different domains, looking for real time consignment location and delivery status.
e-POD is easy to use for organizations having multiple delivery vendors and need to monitor them on real time, capture delivery locations and generate automated POD slips for the consignment delivered. The onscreen signature module helps capturing real time signature of the recipient. Transeazy Logistics, Bangalore had signed an agreement with Yusata to provide their clients receive real time POD and report as a part of better customer service. With YLogLite, Read More

Participation in Smart Cities Seed Funded project
The Smart Cities project under the Seed funding from Government of India, for identified cities of India has been launched to develop solutions for better services and facilities to the citizens. The concept will provide a transparent and citizen-friendly approach for every major public utility services of Government. Under this project, the focus areas are: Smart Transportation Management, Smart Solid Waste Management, Smart City Surveillance, Environment Sensors and Monitoring, WIFI Zones, Smart Parking Management, etc. The projects are on initial basis and will be developed in a full-fledge service to the community over a period.
Yusata Infotech, had reached out to the Smart Cities Private Limited, the company thus formed to manage and develop Read More


Android-Text To Speech
Android allows us to convert text into voice. Not only we can convert it but it also allows us to speak text in variety of different languages.
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Generate Alarm as Specified by The Timer in IOS using Objective C.
This blog gives details about generating alarm as an alert at a specific time using a timer. An alarm is not intended to serve as a UINotification.
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Build your own languages with JavaCC
Do you want to define your own language or syntax in programming language written in the Java programming language,
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AWR Report Advance
AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) Reports are very handy during performance tuning of the database. These reports provide clear picture of database side activities.
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TYPE Object In Oracle
Oracle object types are user-defined types that make it possible to model real-world entities, such as customers and purchase orders, as objects in the database.
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