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1. Installed One GPS Unit in Ambulance at Hanumangarh

We have installed GPS unit in an Ambulance at Hanumangarh which is integrated with YLogApp. YlogApp beneficial for patient as well as if any emergency we can call an ambulance in a short span of time.

Administrator can monitor the ambulance and can see the time of arrival of the ambulance at the designated stop. It is beneficial for safety purpose and due to tracking system death rate also become less.

2. YLogApp installed for SJ Public School, Jaipur

SJ Public School is located at Janta colony, Jaipur Rajasthan, which is one of the premier schools in the city. The mission of the school is to create excellence in education beside the present systems to explore the leadership talents in boys and girls in our society at an early age.
Yusata Infotech have installed our YLogApp service in the S.J Public school bus, which shows the students pick up and drop up notifications and keep a record of driver behavior and route.
It is beneficial for students as well as parents to know each and every moment of the children’s. When students get into the bus parents will get message regarding pick up and drop up of students.

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DPC Suite


Sometimes we need to create an application that notifies a user at a particular time/date even though the user has not opened the application.

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Socket Programming using TCP in java

Socket: conceptual term means an endpoint (PC) with IP address and port number. Socket programming: programming we do to make two or more PC's communicable within a network.

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iOS - Get User's Current Location

Knowing of current location is useful to track user or any other thing. To get user's current location, we have to use some steps to complete that.

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DateTimeBox Using EasyUI

The datetimebox allows the user to select a date and a time to display the date and time with specified format. It adds a timespinner component to the drop-down panel.

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Write Spring Web service

Spring support only contract first web service, i am giving you complete example how to write Web service.

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iOS - Storing Data with NSUserDefaults

How can you store data between application launches? There are plenty of ways, but here I will show you the simplest, NSUserDefaults. NSUserDefaults is a simple property list where an app can store simple data.

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