July, 2017

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Foundation Day
Message from CEO
I am glad to see our company growing with every passing year and we will be a decade old next year. The journey has been inspiring in providing the best of service and quality to our clients.
Yusata Infotech Private Limited founded in 2008; with a motto "bringing technology closer to life". The day, 21 August, marks a significant milestone in the journey as 9 years have been a testimony to the growth; from taking small steps to big leaps in creating a reputation for itself among the clients.
We have been providing quality technology solutions in the field of Telematics,

Participation at Mobile World Congress, 2017 San Francisco, 12-14 Sept 2017
MWC Americas will feature thought-provoking presentations, seminars and Exhibitors from some of the mobile industry's most influential executives, who will share their visions of the mobile industry while providing essential insights on current and future trends.
The MWC Americas program will include a combination of exhibiting innovative technologies, keynote speakers, sessions, and summits, exploring the key industry trends and themes impacting the mobile market.
Mobile is creating a connected life, transforming how individuals, businesses and entire industries communicate, interact and innovate.

Client Visit in United States
Yusata established as an 100% Export oriented unit for the first 5 years under STPI, and had clients from United States. Client's satisfaction is our utmost concern and major endeavors have been on maintaining client satisfaction and enhanced support system.

Recently our Director Marketing, Mr. Jayant Arrawatia was in United States and had a series of meetings with existing as well as new prospective clients. In the visit, concerns and avenues for better service were identified for mutual benefits.
Some concrete partnership initiated as well for new products for Yusata Infotech along with new clients added to the pool.

ADTT Software Especially Designed To Support RTOs And Motor Driving Schools
Road Transport Offices (RTO) across India is now upgrading themselves with the best in available technology to ensure better driving capability of the applicant. The department is now using Automated Driving Test Tracks, reducing the manual intervention and possibility of error.
In India, many states are using Sensor based technology to automate the driving tests.
ADTT software is especially designed to support RTOs and Motor Driving Schools to manage or conduct flawless, accurate and automated test results.
The whole process involves IOT technology and the unique video analytics using HD Camera's and sensors like beam sensor, RFID, Biometric and image verification

If I have to thank anyone for my emotional and professional growth, Harish Kaswan would be the first person. He taught me many things about IT and life as well. His thought was "Knowledge only triumphs". How we see things and how we can visualize behind the scenes based on the facts that we have for a person or for a situation is important. Every person has potential and it is just that who identifies it. We must work towards improvising our capacity to utilize the information and convert it into knowledge. He was an outspoken in his area of expertise.
Whenever we had any concerns, he was our ultimate resort to find an answer. He always had a clear visibility and focused approach to accomplish anything. This habit lead him to pursue and fulfil his dreams and to leave an example behind for us to follow.
Mr. Sunil Karwasra
Director - Technology


Android Shared Preferences Security
The shared preferences class provides a general framework that allows you to save and retrieve persistent key-value pairs of primitive data types. You can use shared preferences to save any primitive data: Booleans, floats, ints, longs, and strings.

Quick Look Preview Controller in Swift
UIDocumentInteractionController class and the Quick Look framework, allows iOS developers to provide previews of all types of files, if you simply need to provide a preview of a document within your app, you can easily use the Quick Look framework.

Java 9 Features
JAVA is the most popular language which is used in IT industries. Java is an Object Oriented Programming originally developed by Sun MicroSystems and now own by ORACLE Corp. JAVA is updated now and we should also updated with new features on which we are working on.

Materialized View in Oracle
Materialized views (also known as snapshots in prior releases) are database object which contains results of a query. Database stored in a separate object. It will not affect immediate because it depends upon refresh parameters.



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