June, 2020

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YLogApp: Proven Solution for Construction Industry
YLogApp is enterprise application supporting many industries. The solution is proven for construction industry as well. Tilcon NY is CRH company in North America established in 1981.

Tilcon is into construction and road paving as well having quarry, recycling, and asphalt operations. It has 19 locations and material movement across these is done using truck and barge.

Tilcon uses Owned and hired vehicles. Owned vehicles have permanent GPS units installed while hired vehicles use portable GPS units
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A Webinar on "Relevance of Cloud Computing for recruitment in Contemporary Context"
NIIS is well known institute in Bhubaneswar who has provided excellent industry professional over the years. Yusata has been hiring from NIIS Bhubaneswar from more than 5 years. This year, due to Covid19 situation, our recruitment team couldn't visit Bhubaneswar. To continue benefiting the students, upon NIIS management request, Yusata agreed to provide webinar on "Relevance of Cloud Computing for recruitment in Contemporary Context".
The webinar was attended by 100+ students from NIIS and question/answer session was great. Students participated actively in the webinar and got to know about different career options available in Cloud Computing.
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MotionLayout is the new layout in Android, for creating amazing interactive animations in android. It’s a part of ConstraintLayout 2.0 library to help Android Developers manage motion and widget animation in their applications.
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RazorPay Payment gateway in iOS
Razorpay is the fastest growing Payment Solution. Most of the companies prefer Razorpay as the Payment solution in India. It is robust and provides developer friendly API & SDK for both Android, iOS etc. It provides different modes of payments like :- credit card, debit card, net banking, UPI and other popular wallets. It provides the fast and reliable support.
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Properties in Java
The main advantage of this properties file is If there is any change on properties file then just direct do that on properties file and to reflect those changes just we need to do the redeployment, that is enough to reflect the changes, which won’t create any business impact to the client.
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Performance is high on the list of IT needs, particularly with queries, functions, and hold on procedures. Queries are simple to figure with as a result of the execution set up provides all of the main points one may wish to seek out hassle spots. once it's PL/SQL, that is been a tougher apple to peel since extracting statements from a procedure or operate changes the execution context and, thus, the plan. Oracle provides a really helpful utility, the PL/SQL Profiler, to help to find poorly playacting areas of PL/SQL code so that they are often self-addressed.
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