March, 2017

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Government Moving Towards Optimum Resource Utilization Policy
Indian Government is going through a sea-change in the overall working equation with the resources employed within. In any country, Government is the largest organization, with maximum or almost unlimited resources at its discretion; may it be fleet (machine) or man. Government of India had moved up from Agriculture economy to an industrial economy, and now in recent time, we see a technology revolution taking its course in the government sector.
With the optimum use of technology to monitor resources utilization means an era of effective results, overall impact and accountability of it. Government hires multiple vendors for supply of resources and the cost paid from the taxes of citizens.
Hence, as an accountable government, putting these resources to maximum utilization is the foremost duty.
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Education Department Using GPS Solution
Indian government is moving towards the technology paradigm shift in the new tenure. The country is adapting fast to the IoT and mobile application movement. High use of technology witnessed into the safety and security of people, banking and transportation industry.
This makeover of defined industry creates an opportunity for the System Integrators like us, Yusata Infotech, to pitch in solution that caters to the desired need.
Education industry has taken a big leap into using Telematics Solution for knowing vehicle locations, pickup-drop and safety of students. A continuous communication channel built into the system to keep every stakeholder - the school, parents and administrator to be aware of the movements.
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Retail Customers Moving Into Telematics
In today's time, technology is helping the continuous growth and development prospectus for every industry, in this times, why would the retail market be left behind. Retail customers are attracted to the unlimited potential of E-Commerce platform; it brings the possibility to deliver many products and service from a single stop.
In this scenario, Application of Telematics and IoT plays a vital role to support the every changing reatils supply chain mechanism. To manage the large volumes of items to be delivered in nearly real time and customer satisfaction is of key importance, in the competitive market.
Retail sector has grown to an extent, that even FMCG products, grocery and valuable items are delivered at your door step with real time movement monitoring.
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Image Switcher In Android
Sometimes we don't want an image to appear abruptly on the screen, rather we want to apply some kind of animation to the image when it transitions from one image to another.
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Implementing Multiple TableView On a Single ViewController Using Swift
This blog gives details about how to implement multiple TableViews simultaneously in a single ViewController .
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StringJoiner Class
StringJoiner Class is a new features of Java 8. StringJoiner is a final class present in java.util package. It is used to construct a sequence of characters separated by a delimiter.
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Oracle 11g New Features
This blog gives details about the Oracle 11g New Features i.e. Controlling Multiple Triggers, Enable & Disable Triggers, Compound Trigger, New data types etc.
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