March, 2019

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Wireless Temperature Sensors Monitoring solution for perishable food product transportation
Summers are all set to heat up the market; transport companies dealing with perishable food products are searching out for solutions on temperature sensors to keep a real time eye on the items.
Cold storage trucks are available, but still they need to keep a track of temperature control within the containers to ensure food material does not get perished due to improper temperature settings.
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YLogApp V2 Enhancement features
YLogApp V2 is a visionary solution platform to achieve a larger objective - integration of Telematics solution with IoT and sensor technology.
The platform provides space to integrate systems, gps devices, services, sensors like Temperature, door sense, ibutton, CCTV camera, RFID, and many more. The YLogApp V2 platform can support all the requirements of an Advance Transport Solution to provide better fleet management, visibility and decision-making ability.
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Projects with State Government in Rajasthan
Yusata has been in discussion with various state government departments to provide its expertise in Supply Chain Management, Telematics, and overall material logistics management.
In our endeavour, we have been assigned a task by one of the State Department to automate their Warehouses and provide better material movement technology to ensure better time efficiency in material inward and outward.
The solution will involve total planning of warehouse, its automation, use of latest material handling equipment and better stacking of material
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Earth Day
Earth Day is a global event celebrated on 22nd April each year, and more than 1 billion people in 192 countries are expected to take part in what is the largest civic-focused day of action in the world.
In an effort from Yusata, we have created a concept to save carbon footprints from our side to the environment.
YLogForms, an earth saver concept, utilising your mobile technology to take real time inputs in an E-form which saves paper utilisation and however save trees, in turn helping save Mother Earth.
YLogForms, can be used for multiple conditions and can be connected to approval flow process of an organisation, take-action in an electronic format and reduce the use of paper.
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Battery Fully Charged Detector App
This application could be useful for those android mobile devices which don't show any notification or alert on fully charged battery and user
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Dragging Marker in GoogleMaps In iOS Swift
Many iOS apps use Google Maps. It is a very common feature, so we can also use Google Maps for iOS by simply install the Google Maps iOS SDK.
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Stream API in JAVA
A stream is the sequence of processed data source which supports various operations such as filter, map, reduce, find, match etc.
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How to Secure your Database Server
Nowadays everything is stored in the form of data in the database. Its area Beginning from the school records, health records of the hospital, important data of much
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