May, 2018

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Expanding Base of Telematics in SCM
With Telematics Industry growing at a fast pace of above 20% growth year on year basis; clients demand for higher and better solution capabilities to support their Business decision making process.
This paradigm shift of paper driven to technology driven decision making has put a lot of pressure on the overall IT industry.
Supply Chain Management (SCM) industry is adapting the new Telematics solutions rapidly; total process automation is carried out from booking consignment, load calculation, consignment tracking, consignment delivery, real time POD service and after sales service.
YLogApp - an advance Telematics solution
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Akshay Patra Foundation, testing Temperature sensor for cooked meals
Yusata Infotech, developed captive temperature sensor Transmitter and receiver with GPS device integration; allowing user to get real time temperature data and location for the desired subject.
Yusata has been working closely with Akshay Patra Foundation for various services related to GPS, mobile application and IT support.
The foundation was appraised with the enhanced temperature monitoring system of Yusata; for which they asked to
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Revamping Technology environment in Telematics Solution with Version 2
Our endeavour is always to provide the best user experience and technology solution to the user base.
To fulfil our motto - bringing technology closer to life, Yusata strives to achieve excellence and simply technology in Telematics industry. The new version of YLogApp gives a new Dashboard with better Business Analytical reports.
The new YLogApp V2 will serve as an IoT platform with capabilities of adding temperature sensors, level sensors, Advance video analytics and many more along with the Telematics features.
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Multi Touch in Android
This blog will show how multi touch functionality are used in android app. With this blog you able to learn used multi touch in android app. Multi-touch gesture happens when more than one
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HyperLink in iOS Using TextView
In iOS there is no functionality to use Hyperlink. But there is a mechanism to use hyperlink in iOS is using TextView. Textview in iOS is used for to show data.
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Encrypt and Decrypt information App
This application will encrypt information based on key and decrypt information based on key. so like use this private key concept we can encrypt and decrypt information.
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Data Guard Broker Configration
Data Guard provides the management, monitoring, and automation software to create and maintain one or more synchronized copies of a production database to protect Oracle data from
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