December, 2016

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Government of Rajasthan appointed agency test the potential use of YLogApp portal for its unique project to be launched...
Govt. of Rajasthan has been developing a unique project which involves vehicles and they need to be monitored in real time to manage quality of service being catered to the people at large. The project is under testing and several vehicles have been equipped with GPS devices in phase I. YLogApp portal, developed by Yusata Infotech Private Limited, has been selected during the trial phase to testify accurate data representation, location, vehicle condition and its transition from the geo-tagged places. APIs have been provided by Yusata for integration with servers to access details and be embedded in their ERP system. Features of YLogApp are: Real time location tracking, speed, Geo-Fencing, Geo-fence transition report and alerts, Read More

Proof of Delivery Solution- the demand in courier and Logistics industry
Industries are now moving towards Solution rather than service. Each industry is demanding specific solutions pertaining to their routine operational activities. Transport managers and courier companies have been facing issues of POD (Proof of Delivery), a real time confirmation of visit for delivery at right location and right person. Non delivery cases be captured in real time to avoid customer complains at later stage. We have been developing our E-POD solution with mobile App - YLoglite, available on Google Play and iTUNES for users across the world to capture real time proof of delivery, right location and on-screen digital signature to ensure complete POD solution for the industry. YLogLite has been tested with courier and logistics companies to ensure it provides a testified solution to them and support their operations from day one. Read More

Recap of Glorious 2016
We entered the year with a glorious completion of ISAAME FORUM 2015, an international event of Lions Clubs International, held at Ahmedabad. Our solution of "Event Entry & Attendance management" using Mobile App and real time alert for organizer.
Some of the exciting events :
• Participated in IndiaSoft 2016 at Mumbai, with more than 8 International delegates    visiting on our request.
•Executed Channel Partnership agreement with Apex E-Commerce, Oman based company;
•Gavic Express Nambia based courier company signed agreement for a Mobile App to support tracking their delivery representatives; Read More


Android Here map Advance
Here Maps is a maps and navigation application for Android and iOS, and a desktop web mapping service by HERE Global B.V.. Originally developed by Nokia,
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UIPageController in swift
A UIPageViewController use for navigate between pages of content. Where each page is managed by its own view controller object. Navigation can be controlled programmatically
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Lambda Expression in Java 8
This blog will make you understand how to use Lambda Expression in java programming. By this blog I will help you to understand Lambda Expression and its uses in java 8,
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Oracle Transaction
Transaction is an input message to a computer system deal with as a single unit of work. Oracle Database assigns every transaction a unique identifier called a transaction ID.
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