November, 2018

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YLogApp V2 beta version testing
The YLogApp V2 beta version is available for testing to the customers.
Our development team has put efforts in understanding the needs and requirements of each specific industry and have accommodated their feedback into a new YLogApp Version 2 (V2).
The link can be accessed through :
Existing users can use its credential to login and take a tour; and new users needs to sign up for a trial version to take a feel of the portal.
All features of Version 1 are available with new features added in Version 2. The new version provides an analytical framework to telematics services of clients.
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YLogApp migrated to new Oracle Enterprise Cloud Upgraded Server
Continuous improvement towards quality service, this approach drives our Solutions; striving our endeavours to give our best. We are glad to inform our migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for our prime solution offering - YLogApp.
The migration is in sync with the growing market need and extending support to our clients, as a part of effective solution service.
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure brings enhanced service experience in terms of site response, security and safety of data over cloud, accessibility to data, performance upgradation and overall user experience growth.
With this migration, we now have better control as well as flexibility to utilize our infrastructure resources in better way.
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School Bus enhanced solution
YLogApp a successful School bus transit management solution implemented in schools across Ahmedabad and Jaipur cities. The solution is integrated with ERP solutions and have been used effectively by the school transport managers.
Additional features are planned to be launched in the upcoming academic year. The solution will be enhanced with Dual Side CCTV cameras, ultrasonic fuel sensor integration and RFID
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Yusata team participating at the SPL cricket league at Jaipur.
SPL(Saturday Premier League) is the official league of Planet Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and as the name suggest this is a league initially started at company level where matches were played between company teams only on every Saturday.
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Draw Graph using Canvas
Android provides Canvas class for drawing whatever we want .Canvas is a logical 2D drawing surface that provides methods for drawing onto a bitmap. The Canvas class also provides methods for clipping views.
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Shapes on Google Map in iOS
In this project we are creating App Introduction how to create shapes on google map. In this project we are creating a circle and a polygon on google map. Here we are using pods for google map integration.
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WebSocket Example
webSocket is a computer communications protocol which is designed to be implemented in web browsers and web server, but it can be use client or server application.
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Statspack in Oracle
Statspack is a set of performance monitoring, diagnosis and reporting utility provided by Oracle. Statspack provides improved UTLBSTAT/UTLESTAT functionality, as it's successor,
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