November, 2019

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Integrated 360° Camera Solution with YLogApp - a solution for Ambulance and Rescue services
YLogApp Telematics software is available with an integrated 360° Camera solution in it. The portal allows user/ manager to have video feed from driver cabin and road at the same time and can also have a view of happening within the surroundings.
Yusata is working closely with Canvasback and Rep Services for our product offering in Colorado region. In our recent discussion with Rep Services, the team has been very positive and liked our product suite offering, built as per our last interaction with them. They were impressed to see technologies like TPMS and Bluetooth Noke locks integrated with our YLogApp platform. The 360° camera possibly has potential in law enforcement vehicles due to affordable pricing and visibility.
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Change in Ownership at Insight, USA
Insight has been our esteemed client in USA and now it is acquired by Accel-KKR, USA. Mr. Doug Hawley is the CEO of new management.
We have been working closely with Insight on projects; now with the change in management and ownership, we look at a new relationship with them and further discussion on projects to work upon.
Yusata is committed to provide technological advancements as require by the company Accel-KKR. New Avenues discussed will include providing QA Resources, interactive user experience expert and CalAmp Scripting expert.
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Uber App UI Clone
Uber clone is a clone application which has all the features like uber app. Uber is an advanced solution for booking taxi from any location using your mobile phone.
The uber app has created a revelation in taxi business it is very help full for both taxi owners & customers.
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QR-Code Generator in iOS
iOS has a built-in QR code generator, it's exposed as a Core Image filter that needs various settings to be applied. Also, it generates codes where every bit is just one pixel across, if you try to stretch it inside an image view it's pixels are stretched and image will see blur.
So, to overcome this problem transform the image in CGAffineTransform.
Here is the example of qrcode generator :-
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Atomic Integer
An operation is atomic when you can safely perform the operation in parallel on multiple threading environment without using the synchronized keyword or locks.
Most stable version of java is java 8 .
There are several new feature comes with release of java 8
In this tutorial we will discuss about Atomic integer
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Oracle Database Link
A database link is a schema object in one database that let us access objects like tables and views of other database or remote database. The remote database can be any oracle database or any ODBC compliant database like MySQL or SQL Server. But, in order to access non-oracle database systems, we need to use Oracle Heterogeneous Services.
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