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Participating in India IT Show 2013, Mumbai

The Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council will host around 400 IT buyers from plus 75 countries converging for business networking. The 14th high tech edition of INDIA IT SHOW will be visited by global IT fraternity including Latin America, Africa, CIS, ASEAN, SAARC, North America, Europe, Japan, Middle East, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea etc. A truly B2B landmark event which will delight the participants, exhibitors and delegates with its persona and character.
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YLogApp Launch Event At Hotel Maurya

In our more than 5 years of journey, we have developed software, which have proven catalyst to the growth of organizations. We have recently developed one of our pioneering products – YLogApp, using the revolutionary Smart Phone and GPRS technology to bring out change in the professional work culture. The application is available on Android and iOS phones and tablets. Many a people from various industries graced the event with their presence. The event filled up us with more confidence. Thanks a lot to all the people for making this event a success.
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Participated in Banglore IT Biz 2013

India' s flagship summit Bangalore is now Bangalore which is evolving into a Premier ICT as well as Electronics Summit. It is evident that ICT and Electronics together will increasingly gain importance as the key drivers of India' s growth story in the coming years. The forthcoming edition of Bangalore thus promises to be a unique Business and Knowledge Exchange Platform capturing emerging trends and showcasing new developments in ICT and Electronics.
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Core Plots(Graphs) in iOS

Core Plot is a plotting framework for OS and iOS. It provides 2D visualization of data, and is tightly integrated with Apple technologies like Core Animation, Core Data, and Cocoa Bindings. read more

How To Send Email from iPhone App

The iOS SDK has made it easy to send email using the built-in APIs. With a few line of codes, you can launch the same email interface as the stock Mail app that lets you compose an email. In this tutorial, we'll build a very simple app to show you how to send both plain text and HTML email using the iOS SDK. read more

Timezone Conversion in Java

To convert date time from one timezone to another in java, we can write function which can easily do conversion and it also support daylight saving featuring.
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How to Make ListView With CheckBox in Android

While using lists in application lots of times you will require a ListView interface with CheckBox to give user a selection of choices from the listed items. Luckily, ListView is very powerful control and with the help of custom item layouts, it can be customized to adjust the checkbox for each row in listview to suit your needs easily. read more


A undo tablespace is created to store undo information or to manage undo data if the Oracle database is being run in automatic undo management mode. Each database contains zero or more undo tablespaces. Undo data is managed within an undo tablespace using undo segments that are automatically created and maintained by Oracle. read more

Updated Google Search App for iOS

Google launched the latest version of it's Search App for iOS, which is the best of Google in one app. Now, it includes Search hands-free with voice commands and improved support for Google Now reminders and notifications with more and more information to manage. read more

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» YLogApp Launch Event

» Participated in Banglore IT Biz 2013

» Going to Participate in India IT Show 2013 at Mumbai on 26th and 27th Nov. at Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel.

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