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1. 231 downloads of cabs4me on 09232012. Good. We are working to make it more better. Spread as much as possible.

2. It's great. Working fantastic. …

1. Cabs4Me page launched on facebook.

1. Cabs4Me is updated in iTunes:

1. Google plus page launched for Cabs4Me. Take a look at


Latest News

Cabs4Me Portal Launched

Cabs4Me Portal is officially launched this month. now it is available on

iPhone app is already available on iTunes and soon to come for Android.

Cabs4Me Updated on iTunes

With following updates, Cabs4Me is updated on iTunes:
⇒ Now Hotels & Gas Stations can also be searched from app.
⇒ Sharing on twitter and facebook can be done.
⇒ Default search count for cabs is updated to 20 for faster searching.
⇒ Call to cab company on click on phone number inside info window.

TTM App submitted to iTunes for Approval

TTM Management is an attendance management iPad Application that offers facility of tracking employee's assessment on daily basis i.e. Employees can keep record of their Check-In, Check-Out time, along with tasks on daily basis. Administrator can supervise and manage employees, projects, customers and holiday records.

Utilizing Singleton Database controller class for interaction with database

This is a singleton class whose object is created once in entire application. Its object is shared in entire application. Using this class, database interaction code is minimized and confined to a few couple of lines only.

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Get Signature in iPad App

One of the basic requirement for filling any Technical forms needs attached signature. Following code describes how to add Signature functionality in your project. This ViewController opens in UIPopOverViewController and holds user Signature.

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Comparing Excel Files in Java

To compare two excel files we created a struts project in which two excel files can be uploaded and after comparing them result on a pdf file is generated which is available for download. To read the excel files Apache POI is used and for pdf generation iText library is used.

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Use Google Analytics in Your Website

Google analytics helps you to track everything going on your website, where people going, what they are liking and why they are drop-off from page, so you can go and improve that page. You can access google anayltics by going to its website To use Google Analytics either signing up for a new account or signing in to your Google account.

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Handle a Web Service Which is Returning a JSON as Response in Android

Sometimes situation is to parse a web service which is returning JSON as response in Android. In this method, an interface is created which calls the web service in background and sends back result to class which called it.

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Use Barcode in Vaadin

we have used the Vaadin framework to develop the application. One of the requirements of this application was to Generate Barcode.

Using an embedded component to display the PDF inside a native Vaadin popup window. This way, the popup with the PDF contents is not hindered by browser popup blockers because the popup is just a regular div. By using this method, the PDF window also integrated nicely with the rest of the application. The following code demonstrates how to implement this functionality:

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Introduction to Struts2

OGNL(Object-Graph Navigation language) is an expression language inherited by Struts from WebWork. It is used in struts to access model objects from a jsp page. OGNL can be used to bing GUI elements to model objects in struts framework. It can be used to invoke methods of the model.

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