September, 2019

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Captive Module Testing of Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Yusata has designed and developed a unique and effective inhouse product of - Temperature and Humidity sensor as a single unit.
The sensor is capable to monitor temperature and humidity simultaneously with high precision. The sensor is useful as an integrated solution for many industries. The foreseen use case of this sensor is in - Cold storage vans, Cold storage warehouses, Agricultural product, warehouses and many more.
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New Jersey + India an Innovative Future
The event "Connecting Transatlantic Gateways" was organized as part of other events for US Delegation (approx. 35 people belonging to different area including Government, pharma and IT industries etc).
Below are main delegates:
1. Phillip Murphy (Governor, State of NJ)
2. Tammy Murphy (First Lady, State of NJ)
3. Tim Sullivan (CEO, NJ-EDA)
4. Wesley Mathews (Vice President of international business development office, EDA)
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Internal Truck Movement System with location effectiveness
As a telematics solution provider, we have received several enquiries related for monitoring vehicles plying within a secured area or perimeter.
It has been observed mostly that manufacturing companies with loading/unloading bay and multiple parking slots in their premises have issues related to identification of vehicle within that area.
Telematics solution with GPS devices provides higher accuracy when the transit route is long enough to get GPS fix and provide location accuracy upto 5 meters.
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IOCL Western Zone LPG Tender - Successful VTS solution deployment for 1500 trucks
We take pride to confirm successful VTS solution deployment for IOCL WRO tender of LPG Bulk truck movement within western region.

The VTS solution have the following features:
1. Location
2. Master of Users, vehicles
3. Role based system access
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SVG Animated Linear Gradient
A gradient is a smooth transition from one color to another. In addition, several color transitions can be applied to the same element.Animated Linear Gradient component use as a loading component like facebook and instagram etc, used for any group of svg group.
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Core Data Framework Swift and Simple Operations on Data (Save,Edit,Delete & Fetch)
Core data is a powerful framework provided by Apple for iOS and mac OSX apps. Core data is used to track model layer objects, By using core data we can track,save fetch and update data in our application. However core data is not a pure database
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Java Parallel Array Sorting
•  Java added some new functionality in Array class, as we know that Array is a predefined class present in java.lang.reflect package, which is used to sort array elements in a parallel way.
•  Java Arrays is a predefined class present in java.util.Arrays package in Java 8 version. Some new methods has added in that to provide the sorting functionality of arrays elements in a parallel way.
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We get error in Oracle Apps while trying to execute the APIs during development, it is because of AUTHID DEFINER and AUTHID CURRENT_USER.
In this Blog we will see all about
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