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YLogApp Article in Times Of India

The app is simple to operate and designed to cater to multiple segments of the society. While the personal tracker helps parents gain access to their children's movement when they are out for studies or shopping, the enterprise version of YLogApp acts as a tool for optimising resource utilization in companies engaged in marketing, distribution and logistics. Through the use of smart phone device having Android or iOS operating system and GPRS, the software keeps a watch on schedule, manages the stops in journey, follows compliance of delivery.
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Partnership with Crashboxx, USA

Being a leader in fleet management software and software services, we have partner-shipped with Crashboxx Telematics, a developer of advanced crash solutions for fleet and insurance carriers, that will add Crashboxx’s vehicle crash and driver-risk solutions to our real-time resource utilization platform. The partnership will enable both companies to meet and exceed fleet operators’ growing expectations for value-added features in their major markets, which include the U.S., India, Middle East and Africa.

SurveyApp is available on Google Play

SurveyApp can be used in market research, media and panel companies as a data collection platform. It is an industry standard mobile survey platform designed specifically for market research. Surveys can be accessed from anywhere; online, ensuring the experience is as seamless as possible. The app is built to ensure surveys could be completed with ease and have features that enable surveys to be communicated in innovative ways. Trending Chart lets user see updated status about the Survey. All the surveys currently available can be seen through the app. Switch between list and question is available.
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States and transitions of an iOS App

Apps developed for early iOS versions (before iOS 4.0) supported three states: non-running,inactive and active. An application delegate for pre-iOS 4.0 apps received two important method calls: applicationDidFinishLaunching and applicationWillTerminate. When an app received an applicationDidFinishLaunching message, it was an opportunity for information to be retrieved from the previous launch to restore the app to its last used state. read more

Android Animations Using XML Notations

Animations in Android using XML notations are quite simple and easy to implement. Basic android animations like fade in, fade out, scale, rotate, slide up, slide down etc are explained in this blog. These animations can be implemented either Sequential or Together. If you want to perform multiple animation in a sequential manner you have to use android:startOffset to give start delay time. You need not to specify android:startOffset in case of Together animation. read more

Oracle Updates Exalogic and Exadata Engineered System

Exalogic and Exadata are very similar, with the major difference being that Exadata is optimized for running the Oracle Database whereas Exalogic is optimized for running Oracle middleware and applications. Much of the technology that comprises Exalogic came from Exadata. Exadata is the preferred platform for the database(s) behind Oracle Knowledge because of its performance, reliability, advanced connection capabilities to Exalogic and overall total cost of ownership. read more

Google+ API Integration in Android: How To Share On Google+

In the days, Social networking covers whole the worlds. And be the part of it we all know about Google+. It is good marketing strategies without applying any charges. This Tutorial share some knowledge on Google+ Photo, video, Link sharing with use of Google Plus API.

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ORA-01113 Error: file n needs media recovery

Problem is Oracle mounts the database, but refuses to open the database with an ORA-01113: file x needs media recovery Error. The steps include, Startup the database with the mount option, Find the name of the redo log file which belongs to the active group. read more

How to Mount Windows NTFS Partition in Linux

To mount any NTFS based file system, you need to install a tool called NTFS3G. NTFS3G is an open source cross-platform, stable, GPL licensed, POSIX, NTFS R/W driver used in Linux. It provides safe handling of Windows NTFS file systems viz create, remove, rename, move files, directories, hard links etc. read more

Anroid GPS Apps Vs Battery Life

Android GPS apps are often criticized for using battery life, when the mere fact that they use the GPS guarantees that they will. Battery life is especially important for those usingAndroid GPS apps in an outdoor settings, such as hiking or hunting using Topo maps and GPS way points. You can often get the battery to last longer and still get good use out of theAndroid GPS. Without any hardware changes, the solution, in over simplified terms, is to use the GPS less. read more

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