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Yusata Foundation day Celebration
Message from CEO:
Yusata is marching ahead towards a successful journey; another milestone achieved - completing 8 years in service.
The efforts and hardwork of team put together all these years serve as the Pillars of Strength in building a successful organization. The driving motto of company: "bringing technology closer to life" is the inspiration behind every effort.
I extend my sincere gratitude to all the clients and vendors who have put faith and trust for all these years and will remain our patron and guiding force for years to come. Thank you for being with us.
The company is committed to provide Quality service and solutions to the industry with best support.
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Enhanced Capabilities to support various Industries:
YLogApp, is a highly sophisticated Resource Tracking solution available to various industries- logistics, transportation, education, government, delivery service industry etc. The software is available in SaaS model and yearly rental basis.
But, we have not developed it to work on basics, it is designed to support enhanced capabilities of vehicle; support better decision making of management, proactive safety & security, consistent reporting, tracking history, real time alerts and notifications, fuel efficiency, reduce operational cost and optimize resource,improve dispatching, Reduce and Simplify administration tasks.
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Empanelment with Dubai Trade
Yusata Infotech is now an empanelled vendor of Dubai Trade. The empanelment brings in an opportunity of making available Yusata Product - YLogApp to the affiliates and members of DUBAI TRADE.
Dubai Trade is the premier trade facilitation entity that offers integrated electronic services from various trade and logistics service providers in Dubai under a single window. It underlines Dubai’s position as the ideal base for trading across borders with its unique geographical location, excellent infrastructure and seamless processes across the private sector and government agencies.
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Android Working with Retrofit HTTP Library
In android app, we have used Volley as networking library. There are another awesome library Retrofit to make the http calls. Retrofit is denitely the better alternative to volley Read More

Internationalization Of An App To Support Multiple Languages in IOS using Swift
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Create PDF using iText library
The following document will explain how to create PDF of data using java iText. iText is a java library which can be used to create PDF, read PDF etc. Read More

External Table in Oracle
External tables allow Oracle to query data that is stored outside the database in flat files. The ORACLE_LOADER driver can be used to access any data stored Read More

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