July, 2020

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Gurtam and YLogApp Integration
YLogApp is telematics platform providing Advanced features for business. It is now integrated with Gurtam which also has global reach and supports a lot of manufacturer devices. Both Single-Sign-On and Login with Gurtam options are integrated.
For Demonstration, we have created test users on wialon which are synced to YLogApp too. We will be login into wialon with these users, relevant YLogApp services will be available for the users in wialon. We will Click on service on wialon and user will be taken to YLogApp, directly into relevant service while login via Single-Sign-On.
Dispatching User has logged into Wialon and sees YLog Dispatch service available. Upon clicking on the service, Configured Single-Sign-On URL is called. Single-Sign-On process validates the token received from Wialon as well checks with API if the user is valid to avoid man-in-the-middle attack. After Validation, user is taken to relevant Dispatch module in YLogApp. A dispatch was already created for the demo.
View Dispatch options opens it in a pop-up while showing all the details. It shows assigned Driver, Vehicle, Source, Destination, Stops on the details. Stops can further has Smart lock associated with it which are displayed in the demo. Wireless Forms can be created and associated with Source, Destination or with any stop on the dispatch. Driver executes the dispatch on their smart device which can be Android or Apple. The App enables Driver to start, stop, capture Proof-Of-Delivery, open lock, override lock in certain situations, submit wireless forms etc. All the information updated/captured on the mobile device, sync back to server in real time when data connectivity is available.
Dispatch module is integrated with Third Party ERP systems and new integrations can also be done.
Camera User has logged into Wialon and sees YLog Cam service available. Upon clicking on the service, Configured Single-Sign-On URL is called.
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PDFViewer App in Android
Opening and viewing documents in Android applications are very interesting and a must to have in every application.
You can open any application present on your mobile and you will find that every application contains documents in some or the other way. And among these documents, the most popular and widely used document format is the PDF format.
PDF or Portable Document Format is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document. This is the most used document format. So, if you also want to display some kind of document in your application, then you can open this PDF format document.
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Assistive Touch in iOS Swift
Assistive touch in iOS devices is an amazing feature. Many iOS applications nowadays are using this feature. It is a simple way if a user wants to navigate from one view to another by simple tap.
Assistive touch is basically a great approach and can say a replacement of navigation bar and Tabs.
By simple tap of this a view appears where we can use different buttons to move anywhere in the application.
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Exceptions With Lambda Expression
Lambda expressions are all about how we write code. It’s about how we can write more concise, smaller, and less code. However, this aforementioned statement may not seem to be true in the case of exceptions in Java.
In Java, we can only handle exceptions through the try-catch block, and this hasn’t changed for the lambda expression.
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Oracle vs PostgreSQL
Oracle is a product from Oracle Corporation that gives a variety of cloud and repair supported applications or platforms, whereas PostgreSQL or Postgres is an electronic database management system that was created as associate degree ASCII text file application by PostgreSQL world Development cluster Regents of the University of Calif. In terms of versioning, PostgreSQL brings out new versions each once a minute, to feature or update new options to match the dynamic technological standards within the market, and Oracle problems the newest versions with improved tool functioning qualities.
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