June, 2017

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YLogApp registered for ELD with FMCSA, Department of Transport, USA
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) had published the Final Rule, in December 2015, requiring carriers and drivers to stop using paper record of duty status (RODS) and adopt Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Such a center will help team to understand customers' needs, YLogApp started compliant solution for ELD which satisfies all the FMCSA rules and regulations which makes Transport Manager life easy. The application had been tested with a company in USA, who had willingly supported us to ensure that we understand the practical implementation of ELD rules, majorly 16/34 exception rule, Hour of service with On Duty, Off Duty and Sleeping status over ipad app.
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GST, A Big Challenge For Small Firms, Corporates
The Government is targeting the launch of GST on July 1 2017. GST will mark a paradigm shift in business environment over all businesses including corporates by shifting origin based taxation structure to end based taxation structure.
GST will be covering various set of industries such as Logistics, Food and Restaurants, E-Commerce marketplace sellers. With GST implementation, certain business aspects will be affected such as pricing, profitability, cash flow, sourcing, supply chain, moreover, framework of a business.
GST will bring transparent business eco system in India, that will help to fuel the growth plan of India. India being the fastest growing global economy,
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Technology With Spirituality
The Akshaya Patra Foundation serves the mid-day meal to 10,050 schools across the country while maintaining hygiene.
Akshaya Patra organized a one-day training program for their new interns' from engineering colleges; these students learn about the philosophy of the organization, learn to know their own self and at the same time learn about what is the process of food delivery and how the large number of deliveries are managed.
As a part of learning, Akshay Patra informs these students about the use of latest technologies in their organization. On an invitation from Akshya Patra, Yusata conducted a one-day training session
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Android Sensor
Most Android-powered devices have built-in sensors that measure motion, orientation, and various environmental conditions. These sensors are capable of providing raw data with high precision and accuracy, and are useful if we want to monitor three-dimensional device movement or positioning,
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NSNotification Center Swift
Notifications are an essential tool for communicating across an application. Because of its distributed, low-coupling characteristics, notifications are well-suited to a wide range of architectures.Difference between delegate and Notifications are that delegate is use to one to one where
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Logging on to Internet Relay Chat
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) was once the de facto standard for realtime communications on the Internet. In a nutshell, there are IRC clients and IRC servers you use a client to connect to a server. Once you are connected, you can join (or create) a channel.
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Recycle Bin in Oracle
Recycle bin is actually a data dictionary table containing information about dropped objects. When an object has been dropped from a locally managed tablespace (LMTS), which is not the SYSTEM tablespace, the database does not immediately delete the object & reclaim the space
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